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Foxy's Sex Tips

- current tip added 02/27/00 -
- next tip update 03/05/00 -

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Read what people are saying about our tips and be a sweetie and tell me what you think! Or as Howie, one of our loyal visitors says, "It's like having the other team's playbook!" No shit, Howie! Thanks!

Here's the deal. Every week you get a new tip. Just good solid advice from a "cut thru the bullshit" kind of woman. Oh, and probably a lot of humor thrown in. We can't be takin' sex too damn seriously - ruins the fun! No need to take notes, sweetie - just have fun with it. *wink*

This week's tip:
"Getting your girl to give good head!"

Intro: First off... print this page and give it to her! haha! Ok, seriously... You want it! You want it all the time! And, she.... well.... either she doesn't give it often enough or willingly enough? Getting warm? Or maybe, you get it... but, my godddd... you want it better... mind-blowing... "would kill my best friend if I could only have it this way kind of blow job".... mmmmm.... read on, sweetie....

Getting it the way you want it: Honey! You know, the stuff from bees? Honey? Well, ummm... imagine this rubbed all over your cock.... her... ummm.... getting it all off of you. This is sticky stuff.... hard to get off.... gotta work hard at it.... sticky is good. More on this in a moment; we gotta get her to this point to begin with. OK, how do ya do that? Talk, talk, talk! Tell her, really tell her how much you fucking LOVE her mouth on you... her hot breath on you... her sweet tongue on you.... her wet and delicious tongue on you! Express yourself, let her know how much this means to you, how this is the ultimate turn-on, what it does to you inside, how this feels, how there's almost no words to describe, how very goooooood it feels, how she sends you to the fucking moon just by getting close to your cock with her mouth. If this girl loves you - hell, forget that... if she cares the slightest about your pleasure, she oughta be listening to you as you describe what makes you feel good sexually. If she doesn't listen, if she doesn't respond.... screw it.. life's too short to go without great blowjobs... I'm not telling you to find a new girl..... but...... hmmm... up to you......

Why the honey: Because.... two reasons... maybe she wants to please you so incredibly, but just doesn't have it down yet... and the honey is gonna help her technique considerably. And, second... it's gonna get you one of the best blow jobs you've ever had.... and I do care about your pleasure, sweetie ;-)

During: Doesn't have to be honey... but honey is good! Chocolate syrup's not bad... but gotta be sticky... you want her to work at it... be all over you... licking and sucking you clean... no real rhythm... just a job to do... get the honey off... she needs to be doing you like a candy cane... taking forever... a delicious, slowly melting ice cream cone... taking forever... licking soooo slowly... sucking soooo slowly... then, back again... gotta get it all... working at it... job to do.... pleasure to give... sending you.... needing you... needing this.... you moaning... you groaning... you begging... whispering to her how good it feels... what she's doing to you... encouraging her.... getting her into it... important... let her know how it feels... warm mouth... soft, sweet tongue... hot breath.... tender, full lips.... just for you... let her know.. let her know.... mmmmm.... easy for her now.... she's into it.... responding... digging what she's doing to you... for you... keep encouraging... let her know.... how damn good.. it is... mmmmmmmmmm.... the absolute best.... the absolute best... honey is good... sticky honey is very good... Get her to do it!

After: Well, first of all, I hope she swallowed. If she has a problem with this, the honey should have helped here. Umm.... if swallowing is important too you... oh goooddd... can't imagine why she wouldn't want to... but ummm... if not, again... try talking... chicks like communication... give it a try.. what do ya have to lose? ... she's not swallowing now as it is! By the way... if you like it a certain way... for example, let's say she can't take all of you... well, ummm.. show her what to do with her other hand at the base of your cock while her mouth is working you... understand? Some girls need to be shown the way...

Next time: It's gonna get better and better with this girl... she'll get the flick... keep talking... keep encouraging.. keep moaning and groaning, sweetie... let her know.. Let her know... mmmmmmmmmmm!


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Thank you, Morgana! :-))))))


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Next Week's Tip: "Love talk, dirty talk, nasty talk, shit-almighty, help me, talk!" - The power of words during sex..... oh goooodddddd..... ain't nothin' like it!

Want her to talk to you? Wanna say what you're thinking and feeling as you're all over her? Mmmm.... this can be really nice... Foxy to the rescue - tune in next week....

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