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Foxy will be updating this page every two weeks with a new story.

We were very lucky to get the ultra- cool Morgana as our contributing writer for this section. Take a look at her awesome site - Dungeons of Mist - to read more of her great stories and see lots of other goodies! Also, see her Mistress, May I? site for some very juicy stuff! *moan*

- Updated 03/01/00 -
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Foxy Note: Hey! Yea you, sweetie! Did you know these stories are written especially for Foxy's? Ummm... I do believe that puts you square down in the middle of the "lucky bastard" category! hehe... now show your appreciation and go check out the writer - the one and only, Morgana!


"The Test"
as told by amber, submissive slut to Master Rune

- submitted by Morgana -

The sound of the doorknob clicked open and I sat up to listen for footsteps to follow. Earlier, Master had bound my wrists together with velcro restraints then allowed me to sit gingerly at the edge of the bed while he had attatched a chain to the d-rings inside each wrist. He had made me reach high against the corner bedposts and secured the other end of the chain so that I sat with arms upwards, bent slightly at the elbow, and the soles of my feet barely touched the ground.

"We are going to try something new," he had whispered as he tied a blindfold snug over my eyes. Our relationship was far enough along for me to know that he meant that he would test my limits tonight. Once again, he tugged at the restraints around my wrists and was satisfied that my fingers were all that I could move. My full breasts with dark nipples must have presented a tempting picture because he grabbled hold of one nub and rolled it between his fingers, pinching the tip. "Such a delightful picture you present, my pet," he murmured. "Do you trust me?"

I took a long breath and nodded. "Yes, Master, with all my heart," I had replied.

That must have been an hour ago. At some point, my anxieties had relaxed and I'd begun to lean against the post. My mind had wandered through all of our talks about my limits and imagined all manner of horrific, yet stimulating, tests that Master could put me through. Hearing the door open, I straightened my back and waited, listened intently, but heard no footsteps on the hardwood floor.

The moist edges of a glass was pressed against my lips, followed soon by a few drops of water. I parted my lips and let the quenching liquid spill into my mouth, gulping as I needed. The glass left my lips and I whispered, "Thank you, Sir."

My chin lifted at the soft chuckle. Even behind the blindfolds, I closed my eyes and tried to listen. My nostrils flared, picking up a delicately sweet scent and knew that this was not my Master. Two fingers curved around my left nipple and pinched gently. They increased their pressure and a short cry left my lips. My guest chuckled again and this time I knew it wasn't my Master but a female. I blushed deeply, imagining this stranger taking in my nudity. The fingers pulsed around my nipple, gripping firmly then increasing pressure again. They were gone for a second but only to move to my other nipple to repeat the manipulations.

I shifted at the edge of the bed, not being able to hide the pleasure the touches illicited. A warm feeling grew between my legs as the fingers gave way to a hand cupping my right breast. Another hand cupped my left breast, then began to squeeze. Both hands milked my voluptuous breasts. I whimpered softly and shifted once again, this time bringing my knees tightly together. A quick smack against my outer thigh, followed closely by another on my other thigh, had me crying out loud.

The door opened then closed again. There was no mistaking Master Rune's voice this time as he ordered, "Open those knees wide." His footsteps grew closer and I felt like he boomed, "Wider".

Quickly, I slid my legs open as much as possible. My cheeks flamed knowing that I was completely open to their view. Not for the first time, my wrists tested their tight binds. My voluptuous breasts knocked together at my slight wiggle. I tried to listen through the silence but it was a few minutes before I could distinguish the sounds of clothing being removed and the woman's soft moan.

I didn't think I'd groaned but must have because my Master laughed and I could feel his eyes burn over my skin almost as if he'd touched me. A few moments later, he did touch me. His capable fingers roughly scooping across my wet hole up over my sopping pussy lips.

There was a sucking sound and the woman moaned. "She likes your taste, little one," he said, just before I felt his weight dip the bed and his leg touch my knee. He pulled one of my legs over and between his, one of his hands firmly holding my thigh towards him. Master shifted towards me and pressed his other hand splayed across my lower back. He nudged gently and whispered close to my ear, "Scoot your bottom closer to the edge so Sylvia can get a good look at you while she kneels in front of the bed."

"Yes, Master," I breathlessly whispered, then shuffled my bottom as close as I dared, still confident with his hand bracing my back.

Once settled, a fingernail flicked against my already swollen clitoris. I mewled and might have closed my knees some if my Master Rune hadn't slapped a hand across the inside of my thigh, reminding me to keep my position. Sylvia slid a finger over my wet pussy lips, followed by a loud sucking and moan. "Such a sweet tasting pussy, Rune," she spoke for the first time. Her thumb and forefinger found my clit and tugged, pulling then releasing her hold a bit but never letting go. She wiggled, rolled it between her fingers and I couldn't help my own mewls.

Master Rune lowered and stretched the hand at my back so that it was low on my hip. He licked the inside of my ear and I trembled. The female hand rubbed hard circles over and up my pussy. My blushes had long since turned to tiny shivers and my hips moved with the hand at work between my outstretched thighs. "Does she make you hot, pet," Master asked.

"Yes, Master," my voice shook as I spoke softly.

"So, you are not half as reluctant to have a woman touch you as you had thought you would be?"

The women giggled but continued her strokes over my labia. "No, Master, I'm not."

"Say it, pet," Master urged, then ran a tongue down the underside of my closest arm, stopping to press a kiss to my underpit. "Tell your Master that you love the touch of a woman."

"Yes, Master," I whimpered, "I love the touch of a woman." The fingers at my pussy grew more insistent, rubbing over then just entering my opening.

His fingers lifted a breast up and I gasped as his tongue flickered over the nipple. Lips still poised against my hardened nub, he asked, "Would you like her to kiss you there, pet?"

"Oh yes, Master," I panted, gasping and gulping but not able to steady my breathing. My mind was empty of thought, hips joined in a rhythm with the woman's fingers. "Please, Master, I want her to kiss my pussy."

Hands held my lips open and a gentle kiss was placed at my wetness. Sylvia flicked her tongue across my opening. She stopped her touches but continued to hold me wide. I could feel a steady stream of her breath blown across my pussy and shivered.

"Do you want her to kiss you more, pet," Master asked in an amused voice. "Want her to lick you?"

"Oh yes, Master," my voice shivered with wanting. "I want her to lick and suck my pussy."

Sylvia, still holding my lips wide, didn't bother to be gentle but lapped greedily at me. Her mouth closed over my pussy, her lips parted enough so that I could feel her tongue dancing quickly over me as she sucked. My wrists stretched against their binds, not because I wanted to be loose, but because I would have held her head there if I could have. My hips lifted and danced in rhythm with her tongue lapping at my juices. Her teeth grazed then pulled at my clit and I couldn't help the shuddering whimper that left my lips.

Master's hand firmly gripped my side, knowing that I had long lost my sense of balance. My body seemed attuned to one need and I pumped against the mouth on my pussy intent on finding my release. "M-m-master, please may I cum," I pleaded.

"Ask me nicely, pet. Tell me that you want to cum from these female lips." He kissed near my ear then added in a firmer voice, "Tell me that, for now, you want to be my lesbian slave and you love Sylvia's touch."

"Uuuhhh," I couldn't stop trembling, glad for his steadying hand. The tongue and mouth at my pussy was driving me crazy, more urgent with their teasing. Sylvia pushed a finger into me and I could feel my muscles contracting around it, pulling tight as it seemed to withdraw. She added another finger and began a steady stroke in and out to the entrance of my pussy. Her tongue licked at my clit all the while. In a breathless voice, I begged, "Please, Master, I want to be your lesbian slave. I do love Sylvia's touch. Please, please, may I cum?"

His delight showed through as he replied, "Yes, cum for us, my pet. Show us how much you love it."

My hips humped the fingers pumping hard and deep into my pussy. Finally free to gain my release, my body shuddered uncontrollably as I felt myself go over the edge. My climax had seemed to last forever until I let out one loud grunt. Slowly, my tremors stopped and Sylvia pressed a soft kiss to my inner thigh.

Master stood from the bed and released me quickly from my binds. I blinked against the startling light as he removed the blindfold and let me fall gently back on the bed. He pressed a lingering kiss against my lips.

I smiled up at him and whispered, "I love you, Master."

He answered, "I love you, pet."

Sylvia returned from the bathroom with two moist washcloths. She handed one to Master Rune, saying, "I think your little pet has earned a bit of pampering, don't you?" I was too exhausted to argue and lay there for the next half an hour, enjoying their ministrations.

- end -

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